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The Meaning Of Bushin Kenpo

Translated from Japanese to English Bushin Kenpo means "Warrior spirit, the law of the fist". Our full title is Bushin Kenpo Kai, Kai meaning group or party. While warrior arts (budo) of the past have translated Bushin as "warrior spirit", the essence of the phrase has evolved away from "a common warrior" into a person seeking a Method of Natural Harmony and Right Livelihood.       

What is Bushin Kenpo

Bushin Kenpo employs a blend of Chinese circular movements, parries, and hard linear movements, which come together to form an effective self-defence/counter-attacking system.

Our system includes,
  • Avoidance movements
  • Redirection of attackers force
  • Strikes, both open-handed and closed fist
  • Kicks
  • Throws and leg sweeps
  • Arresting techniques,  joint locking techniques
  • Chokes / strangles
  • Pressure point disablement and nerve holds
  • Ground defence/counters
And much more.

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