About us

Bushin Kenpo Kai is a non-profit martial arts school and we believe that learning self-defence shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg, not learning to defend yourself could cost you a lot more!.
Bushin Kenpo Kai means, Warrior mind law of the fist group (or party)
Our martial arts/self-defence classes cater for all fitness levels, shapes and sizes, we encourage the individual to train at a pace that best suits them to get as fit as they realistically can while learning to defend themselves in a relaxed yet vibrant and friendly environment.
We are a community orientated martial arts school. Any profits made go back into the school. We use membership & training fees to pay the bills, buy stock and equipment, and improve services. Whether you are an adult or teenager wishing to start a martial art, an experienced martial artist looking to acquire more knowledge, we want you to feel comfortable and confident that our style is right for you. Our Bushin Kenpo system may not suit everybody so we always offer prospective students free lessons for one month to allow them a chance to try our style without any pressure, bullying tactics, or financial expense. We welcome new members who wish to practice in a relaxed but demanding atmosphere and we try to bring out the best in all students, whatever their level of commitment.

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